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EcoCompass is an environmental management system (EMS) and a certificate

which helps you to…

  • make your business more sustainable
  • improve your competitive advantage
  • prevent environmental risks
  • identify your most relevant environmental impacts
  • focus on concrete actions
  • effectively communicate about your environmental performance

An environmental management tool


  • identifying your most relevant environmental impacts 
  • creating environmental program with objectives and concrete measures
  • learning relevant environmental laws and regulations
  • engaging employees and partners in your environmental work.

As an environmental management tool EcoCompass was clear and easy to use



The EcoCompass certificate demonstrates commitment to continuously improving and complying with the following 10 criteria of EcoCompass:

1. Environmental legislation

The organisation undertakes to comply with the applicable environmental legislation and regulations

2. EcoCompass contact person

An Environmental Manager has been appointed for the organisation

3. Environmental impact scoring

The organisation surveys the current status of the environmental management and identifies the most significant environmental impacts

4. Environmental pledge

The organisation has an environmental pledge by which it commits to continuous improvement in the mitigation of its environmental impact.

5. Internal training

The organisation instructs its personnel to take environmental matters into account in its operations.

6. Waste management plan

The organisation has a waste management plan and acts in compliance with the requirements of the Waste Act.

7. Hazardous waste

The organisation keeps a record of its hazardous waste, keeps them separated, stores them safely and submits them for appropriate processing for disposal.

8. Chemicals

The organisation stores and lists the chemicals it uses in compliance with the requirements laid down in the chemicals legislation. MSDSs are available for the personnel and the personnel have been trained on the safe use of chemicals.

9. Environmental programme

The organisation cooperates with our expert to create an Environmental Management Program that contains the objectives and measures for reducing environmental impact. The program is updated annually. The objectives are set again every three years or more frequently. The objectives are set for a minimum of three areas of corporate responsibility and they must be based on the most significant environmental impacts.

10. Reporting

Each year, the organisation publishes a report on the actualisation of the actions and the status of the indicators in the Environmental Management Program. The management and personnel are aware of the progress of the environmental work.


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