Briefly in English

Briefly in English

EcoCompass is an environmental management system (EMS) and a certificate

which helps you to…

  • make your business more sustainable
  • improve your competitive advantage
  • prevent environmental risks
  • identify your most relevant environmental impacts
  • focus on concrete actions
  • effectively communicate about your environmental performance

A set of environmental management tools


  • identifying your most relevant environmental impacts 
  • creating environmental program with objectives and concrete measures
  • learning relevant environmental laws and regulations
  • engaging employees and partners in your environmental work.

As an environmental management tool EcoCompass was clear and easy to use

– Slush


The EcoCompass certificate demonstrates commitment to continuously improving and complying with the following 10 criteria of EcoCompass:


1. The organisation is committed to follow environmental legislation
and regulations concerning its operations.

2. The organisation has an EcoCompass Contact Person. The contact person will receive sufficient training during the development process.

3. The organisation investigates the present state of its environmental management.
It recognises its most significant environmental impacts with the help from EcoCompass Expert.

4. The organisation sets an environmental pledge
and commits to reduce its environmental impacts
according to the principles of continuous improvement.  

5. The organisation instructs its personnel
to take environmental aspects into account in its work. 

The organisation has a waste management plan
and it keeps track of waste management regulations. 

7. The organisation monitors its hazardous waste and keeps it separated.
Hazardous waste is stored safely
and delivered to appropriate waste treatment.

8. Chemicals used in the organisation are stored and catalogued according to chemical legislation. Safety data sheets are available for personnel. Safe handling of chemicals is taught to personnel.

9. The organisation creates an environmental program, which includes objectives and measures to reduce environmental impacts. The environmental program is updated annually. The objectives are set at least once in three years. The objectives are set at least for two areas of environmental liability and they are based on most significant environmental impacts of the organisation. An EcoCompass Expert supports throughout the process.

10. The organisation reports key environmental figures and actualization of the measures annually. Management and personnel are aware of the progress of environmental work in the organisation.

EcoCompass is a registered trademark owned by FANC (the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation), which is the oldest and largest environmental NGO in Finland.  

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